If you think it does not get cold during the winter in Georgia, think again! Furnace Repair | Anytime HVAC

In January 2014, Atlanta Georgia experienced a record cold temperature of six (6) degrees.   If your furnace is not keeping your home warm and comfortable inside, don’t wait until it’s freezing outside – call Anytime Heating & Cooling today.

Since 2000, Anytime Heating & Cooling has specialized in heating repair, service and new furnace equipment installation.  Whether you home or business has a gas furnace or heat pump, our NATE-certified technicians will be able to diagnose the issue accurately, then fix or replace any system and brand – guaranteed!

Preventative Maintenance

Like many things, heating repairs can be minimized when you have a preventative maintenance schedule.

As your system gets older, it is important to have it serviced each season to ensure it continues to operate reliably and efficiently.  Anytime Heating & Cooling provides low-cost maintenance plans that will provide you the peace of mind to know your furnace is in good working order when you need it.

When new equipment is needed, Anytime Heating & Cooling offers quality, Energy Star-rated Lennox furnace systems.  Since 1895, Lennox is one of the most trusted, reliable brands in America.

Anytime Heating & Cooling provides:

  • NATE-certified technicians
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Heating repair and new furnace installations
  • On-time service throughout north Fulton and south Forsyth counties

Why You Care About Heating

Heating the space in your home is the biggest energy expense that you’ll find in most homes in America. This is making up a whopping 45 percent of all energy bills, which means you can save a lot when you get heating that’s efficient and environmentally friendly.

57 percent of the regular home heating fuel that people use is from natural gas. Between 2007 and 2012, most home spent $700 dollars on heating using natural gas, and $1700 dollars heating with oil. What can you do to help bring down these expenses?

Here’s an Anytime HVAC tip to improve the way you use energy in your home. Talk to us about how you can improve the efficiency of heating in your home, which will allow you to bring the best kind of upgrade or new systems in your home.

What are the components of a heating system?

First you get the heat source. This is the furnace, boiler or a heat pump. The control system is important – this is one place where you can really save money by having one of your technicians help you understand exactly how to select the best type of thermostat, and how to use it.

One way is by helping you get a programmable thermostat, which allows you to set the temperature and make sure it stays at an affordable level.

What Your Anytime Heating Repair Technician Can Do For You

We want your experience with all of our favorite Anytime Heating Repair Technicians to be a happy one. That’s why each one of your technicians are experts not just in your hardware and its repair, but in customer service that will leave you content.

Here are the service areas you can get from all of our expert technicians:

  • We troubleshoot your equipment and discover any sources of malfunction.
  • We finish your heating installation and any repairs all according to the codes of your county or city of residence. This helps keep your equipment operational, and your is especially important if you’re a business or government office. Homeowners are assured to receive the best and most current maintenance.
  • If your system requires electrical work, we plan and carry out the wiring installation.
  • We carry out all the work on your machines, which includes duct cleaning, fluid level checks, and filter replacement and installation.

What Else Can You Expect?

We have liability insurance, workers’ compensation policies and are happy to supply you with references upon request.

  • We apprise you of what steps are necessary to get your system running smoothly; under our care, we’ll take great strides to make sure you’re happy with the HVAC machine that you have.
  • We strive to respond very quickly to any emergencies that you may have, as well as your non-emergency requests.
  • We will always leave the areas where we work at least as clean as we found them.
  • Our emergency number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We respond even when it’s weather that you wouldn’t go out in.

Just Call Anytime

We know that the Anytime name is on the line every time we speak with you, or come to your home or place of business. Call us and you’ll see that we put our money where our mouth is.

We get the job done right and you’ll be happy that you called Anytime. 


Our fan motor broke and Anytime quickly diagnosed the problem and got us set up with a new fan motor in a very efficient and professional manner. Anytime also answered all our questions, which we had a lot of them.

Anyway, thanks for the excellent service provided at a fair price. We'll definitely be in touch if ever we need our A/C unit serviced again

– Jim W.

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