Vents, Registers, and Grilles: What’s the Difference?

Most of us tend to take our HVAC systems for granted. As long as the temperature inside is as warm or cool as we want it and the thermostat responds as it should, we don’t give it a second thought.   It’s not until something goes wrong and we face the expense of hiring a professional for heating or cooling […]

Why Do My Lights Flicker When My HVAC Turns On?

Have you ever been relaxing in your living room, when suddenly, the lights flicker as the HVAC system turns on? It seems like something out of a horror movie, but it’s actually a common occurrence for homeowners.   If the lights dim for less than a second or lose only a fraction of their brightness, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. However, if the lights flicker constantly or brighten before […]

Who Invented the HVAC System?

Nothing feels better than coming in from the heat and being able to instantly cool off in your home. If you find this isn’t the case, get in touch with an HVAC specialist in Atlanta so you can start beating the heat.    This cool air relief can be credited to Willis Carrier, an American engineer, who invented the first air conditioning unit. HVACs are designed to remove or add heat within a specified space, […]

Summer Science: How Does Air Conditioning Work?

During the hot summer months, your air conditioning system is a necessity for staying cool and comfortable. Like many other appliances in your home, AC units are made of multiple complex parts that are sometimes difficult to understand.   Interested in the science behind air conditioning? It can be rather complex, and having little understanding of it may result in […]

Will Your AC Dehumidify Your Home?

Summers in Atlanta consistently deliver a brutal combination of heat and humidity, keeping HVAC service providers in Atlanta busy throughout the season. Air conditioning units typically do a good job of making sure that heat and moisture stay outside, but extreme levels of moisture put a strain on even the most well-maintained HVAC systems.   Increasingly warm and sticky air inside your home is usually a sign that there could […]

Are Dirty AC Coils Costing You Business?

When it comes to your business, a comfortable environment is crucial for customer satisfaction. Your AC coils bear the duty of removing heat and humidity from the air, leaving your business with a cool, relaxing atmosphere. However, when clogged with dirt, these coils can wreak havoc on customer experience, your reputation, and the HVAC system […]

4 Reasons Your AC is Struggling

Does your struggling AC system have you searching for HVAC services in Atlanta? From system overuse to malfunctioning equipment, there are several reasons your AC could be stressed. Here are four problems that may be causing your AC to fall behind this summer. It’s the Wrong Size Bigger is not always better. It’s a common […]

6 AC Compressor Dangers

Is your AC not cooling your home like it should? When it comes to cooling your home, the compressor is in charge of pumping refrigerant (the cooling agent) through your unit.  Being that the compressor is a vital part of your HVAC system, it can be costly to repair or replace. Before searching for Atlanta cooling services, check out these reasons why the compressor could be in […]

Is Your Home a Good Candidate for Geothermal Cooling?

It’s finally summer in Atlanta, which means lazy, sunny days accompanied by relentless heat. Instead of relying on your HVAC system to cool down your home, try an alternate cooling system called geothermal cooling. While regular air conditioning units work by removing hot air inside the house and expelling it outdoors, geothermal cooling systems use […]

Stop a Bad Capacitor from Ruining Your Summer

The capacitors in your HVAC unit are what give the motors the electric jolt they need to start and continue running. As you can imagine, a faulty capacitor can put your air conditioning out of commission. The added strain of battling summer heat and humidity makes warmer months a prime time for system failures. Broken, […]


Our fan motor broke and Anytime quickly diagnosed the problem and got us set up with a new fan motor in a very efficient and professional manner. Anytime also answered all our questions, which we had a lot of them.

Anyway, thanks for the excellent service provided at a fair price. We'll definitely be in touch if ever we need our A/C unit serviced again

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