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Winterize Your Plumbing to Prevent Frozen Pipes

With the below-freezing temperatures this week, it is paramount that you take steps to winterize your plumbing to prevent frozen pipes. Below are our plumbing winterization tips to protect your pipes:

Winterize Outdoor Faucets: 

As we move inside, you need to ensure your outside spaces are ready for winter. Along with moving outdoor furniture inside, you should remove and drain any garden hoses as well as drain and cover your outdoor faucets, commonly known as hose bibbs. Not winterizing outdoor faucets risks leftover water in the pipe, which can freeze, expand, and burst the pipe.

Keep Indoor Temperature Stable:

Though turning off your heat at night may seem more energy efficient, it can hurt your pipes. Having inconsistent or cold indoor temperatures makes it more likely for your pipes to freeze, especially, if the temperature plummets during the night. Not to mention, turning your heat off and on makes your heater work harder to restore your home to your desired temperature. Because of this, it is also important not to turn the heat down too low when you go out of town. 

Water Heater Maintenance:

Getting your water heater maintained before the cold winter prevents issues and can also increase your water heater’s efficiency. Your bath-loving household members will thank you. If your water heater is in an uninsulated area, look into insulating the space since hot water is more prone to freezing when in contact with cold weather. Call us to sign up for our annual plumbing maintenance plan, which comes with a water heater flush, plumbing service inspection, and water test.

Tip: Keep Your Water Heater At A Reasonable Temperature During The Winter. Again, The Hotter The Water, The Easier It Will Freeze When In Contact With Cold Temperatures.


Seal Any Cracks:

During the winter, making sure your windows and doors are properly sealed can help keep warm air inside and keep cold air outside. Not only is this beneficial to your heater because it doesn’t have to warm the outside air that is seeping inside, but it can add another layer of protection for the pipes inside your home.

Insulate Exposed Pipes:

Insulate any exposed pipes and seal the crawlspace, as water pipes in an unsealed crawl space are at high risk of freezing when the temperature drops. This can prevent pipes from cracking and causing any major damage.  

Let Faucets Drip:

During a really cold spell, leave a faucet dripping. Moving water will help fight freezing and prevent frozen pipes. However, this shouldn’t be necessary if your water heater and pipes have been checked and well insulated.

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