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Stop a Bad Capacitor from Ruining Your Summer

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The capacitors in your HVAC unit are what give the motors the electric jolt they need to start and continue running. As you can imagine, a faulty capacitor can put your air conditioning out of commission. The added strain of battling summer heat and humidity makes warmer months a prime time for system failures.

Broken, damaged, or failing parts in the HVAC’s electrical system can be dangerous to handle. It’s best to leave repairs to an Atlanta cooling services company. Since failing capacitors are one of the leading causes of AC malfunctions, it’s important to notice and address problems right away. Here are a few signs of trouble to look out for.

Clicking Within the Cabinet

Each motor in the HVAC system has two capacitors. One starts the motor, and the other stabilizes the voltage and keeps the motor running.

Over time, they can wear down to the point where they can’t hold a charge. If you hear a clicking sound coming from your outdoor AC unit, it’s a sign the capacitors are failing.

Act quickly and call a technician for repair services. Catching problems early minimizes damage to your entire system.

Humming Motors

If you missed or didn’t act on the clicking sound, the affected capacitor will die. The attached motor will still try to run, but it won’t have the electric charge to get the job done.

A humming sound indicates that the motor is trying to come on but isn’t activating. Without repairs, the humming will continue until the motor burns out. If that happens, you’ll need a full replacement.

Hard Starting

Hard starting happens when the AC’s compressor struggles to start up, and then shuts off again soon after. This can be caused by several issues, including a compressor that’s at the end of its life. However, one of the more common causes is a bad capacitor.

To determine the cause of the issue, an experienced technician will examine the capacitors for signs of damage. He will run electrical tests and look for oil leaks, bulging, and splitting.

If your air conditioning unit turns on, sputters for a while, and then quickly shuts off again, call for repair services as soon as possible. Every time the unit hard starts, it strains the compressor and other parts of the HVAC system.

Schedule Repair and Maintenance Service

By being aware of the signs of AC problems, you can keep small issues from ruining your summer. If you hear clicking, humming, or hard starts coming from your unit, the experienced technicians at Anytime HVAC are just a click or phone call away.

Once the issue is resolved, sticking with an ongoing maintenance plan will help minimize future problems. Our maintenance agreement includes a 30-point tune-up and discounts on repairs and equipment replacement.

Call Anytime Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing at (678) 904-2337 or schedule an appointment online today.

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