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Reasons Your House is Dusty

Do you think you deserve good quality indoor air: opt for the best air conditioning repair, HVAC maintenance, and installation service?

Since 2001 we have been helping people turn their houses into homes with stellar air conditioning repair and replacement services. Great service does not come from costly tools and procedures. It comes from warm services; this family-owned business offers to its customers across the state. Anytime HVAC does what it claims. This company provides the comfort of dust-free, allergen-free and mold-free breathing inside your home and your office.

What can be more critical to your health than the air you breathe? Did you know? The air inside your home can have more pollutants than the average street in Fulton County or Douglas County. This happens when the HVAC has not had a thorough cleaning for months (and sometimes, even years) on end. While the air outside is likely to have more volatile hydrocarbon compounds as pollutants, the air inside is usually richer in particulate matter. Animal dander, bits of dead skin (cellulite), stray hair, dust mites and mold often take control of the HVAC system, when you do not clean your air conditioning for a long period.

Getting rid of these pollutants can be very tough for any homeowner. Cleaning mold from your house HVAC system is quite impossible without proper training or guidance. This is one of the main reasons you need to maintain a basic level of cleanliness when it comes to air ducts, vents, drip pans and hard to reach pipe joints. Thorough cleaning with harsh agents can be quite dangerous if you do not have the protective equipment. Calling a responsible team of HVAC professionals is the best thing you can do if you spot mold or grime buildup inside the vents.

“Anytime HVAC” is popular among all homes in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, Cumming, Marietta, Newnan and Peachtree City areas for our prompt responses. We put the health and safety of our clients first. So, when a client calls us worried about a potential mold problem or frequent outburst of indoor allergies, we do not waste time. Being a family-owned business, we understand how much the health and safety of your family matter to you. For the last 17 years, we have been helping the people of Atlanta lead a more comfortable life.

What services does Anytime HVAC provide to homes in Atlanta?

Here’s what we can do to ensure that the air you are breathing is safe and unpolluted –

HVAC repair

When your HVAC system is old and giving up, don’t just give up yet. Call Anytime HVAC. We can breathe life into old HVAC systems with our exclusive repairing skills and advanced tools.

Regular HVAC maintenance

Checking your HVAC once every two years is not sufficient. You need to get up there are look for accumulating dust and mold every two months since humidity can accelerate the growth of any fungus. Most homeowners lack that kind of time right now, so we are here to do it for you. You can give us a call once, sit back and relax, while we pay attention to your regular air conditioner maintenance.

New HVAC installation

There are dire times when HVAC systems demand a change. Air conditioning replacement can be quite cumbersome. Doing it on your own can be impossible too if you do not have the training for it. That is where we take over. Anytime HVAC will happily help you replace your home heating, ventilation and for you along with a free consultation that can help you with future maintenance and repairs.

We also provide our services to offices and commercial spaces

“Anytime HVAC” can fix all sorts of HVAC issues for office spaces as well. We can understand how difficult it can be to operate inside closed quarters where many people depend on the same ventilation system for fresh air. The lack of proper air conditioning system maintenance can compromise your office HVAC system in no-time. Soon the haven of productivity turns into a marketplace of sniffles, sneezes, strange odors and severe allergies. The presence of dirt, dust mites and mold can take a toll on your office productivity. However, getting an HVAC servicing team to help you out with the cleaning and maintenance process is not easy either.

Since most offices depend on their air conditioning system only for fresh air, switching it off for long hours can make the indoor environment unfit for work. In most of the cases, the repair teams that work inside offices ask the employees to vacate the rooms while they do the cleanup. Just in case you have worked with amateurs before, you must know how this can quickly turn into a nightmare. While there is always a risk of contamination that can render the entire office space unusable for the coming few days, the failure on their part to clean up properly within allotted time can cost the company dearly regarding turnabout.

Why does your office need the best HVAC maintenance help in town?

That is one of the leading reasons your office needs the help of professional air conditioning system repairs and ventilation cleaning experts. Anytime HVAC teams have professional training in this field, and they also have over a decade’s worth of experience to back them up. This makes us one of the best in this field to take care of your office HVAC units. Most importantly, we understand why many offices insist on an estimate, and we provide a written estimate to all our potential clients before beginning work. Unless there are severe contaminations or damage points inside the vents, ducts or pipes, our working budget does not exceed the estimated amount. Even when we need to cross the proposed budget, we rope our clients in for their opinion on the matter. We have several financing options for our commercial (office) clients that make paying for the best services easier than ordering dinner for the entire office!

What are a few things you should know about HVAC maintenance and repair?

“Anytime HVAC” offers transparent service to all its clients. Therefore, we decided to tell you a few trade secrets that other air conditioner repair and servicing agencies never say.

HVAC maintenance is not rocket science

We know we have said that repairing HVAC is not an easy task, but that does not mean that cleaning it from time to time and checking for mold is difficult either. Modern HVACs are lot simpler and easier to clean. The traditional heating systems and cooling vents for older homes tend to be a lot trickier. They can include the following tasks as a part of the regular maintenance –

  • Furnace maintenance and cleaning
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Evaporative cooler cleaning and maintenance
  • Heat pump cleaning

Many old homes have furnaces and boilers in their basements that sit forgotten and neglected. If your home is one of them, you need to brush off the dust and check inside for accumulated grit. The evaporator system uses fluids, and increasing humidity creates the perfect breeding ground for black mold. This is the most dangerous kind of mold that grows indiscriminately in homes, old and new, wherever it can find a conducive environment. Anytime HVAC can help you scrutinize your property to find out if you have a black mold infestation. We will also help you plan the cleanup and regular maintenance, irrespective of your HVAC type.

Indoor air quality is vital for every home

Indoor air quality has no replacement or alternative even in modern life. We need clean air to function properly and productively throughout the day whether in the office or at home. The lack of enough infused oxygen and humidity in the air can wreck our metabolisms and make us feel prematurely tired. The effects of unclean air are more severe on children, the elderly and pets. They suffer from breathing troubles and allergic reactions to the organic particulate matter that flows in with the air through the vents.

The constant presence of pollens, dust, dust mites, dead skin and humidity can facilitate the growth of mildew on the HVAC pipelines and vents as well. Sadly, the energy efficient nature of modern homes makes them quite air-tight like Tupperware containers. The same air circulates multiple times before leaving the room. So, unless your ventilation, cooling, and heating system is properly clean, you will have a tough time maintaining proper health.

The different components of a modern HVAC your home might need

Indoor air quality concisely refers to the levels of pollution that are present in your home right now. Indoor pollution is one of the top 5 health risks you face every day. Your home should be a safe and happy place that nurtures your family. Anytime HVAC has seen significant improvement of home air quality with the constant use of –

  • HEPA air filters
  • Humidification/dehumidification systems
  • Ultraviolet treatment for HVAC and air conditioners
  • Electronic and portable air cleaners

The most efficient of all systems is the whole home air filters that can clean, dehumidify and unpollute the air of your home at one go. This kind of investment is very necessary for those with severe allergies and asthma problems.

Does Anytime HVAC help with the maintenance of the added home air cleaning systems?

Anytime HVAC has gained experience for the last 17 years. There is no make, model, and the problem that our experts have not seen before. No matter what conundrum you are facing right now, we know we have a solution for you. Most importantly, our technicians have the training and the ability to explain the impact of each decision you make. We can help you with air conditioning new installations, old HVAC cleaning and split system maintenance. We can repair, install and clean any model of furnace and air conditioner a home or an office can have. Just give Anytime HVAC a call any time you need assistance with your air conditioning.

Why do people trust Anytime HVAC?

People trust us for our unblemished track record. We have glowing recommendations and positive reviews from each client we have served before. The homes we serve become a part of our ever-growing Anytime HVAC family for the longest time. Our team technicians and engineers have NATE (North American Technician Challenge) certifications. Moreover, we never stop learning. Each interaction gives us reason to learn more. Our staff takes regular coursework to hone their skills and update their knowledge about the latest heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for homes and offices. Our promptness, transparent policies and upfront payment procedures make us evergreen among our clients all across Atlanta.

What sets us apart from our competition?

Anytime HVAC offers unique services that come with their warranties. We do not just provide warranties on our products; we also provide warranties on our ac repair skills. This gives our clients and potential customers more reason to trust our services. We always make sure that you get a bang for your buck and offering warranties on our workmanship is just our way of showing it.

We also offer free consultation services to our clients. If you are in doubt about your HVAC hygiene or indoor air quality, just give us a call. We have dedicated EPA-certified professionals, who can help you find out all you need to know about your air conditioning. Most importantly, they can also help you save a few bucks each month on your energy bill. Just ask our service-people about tips and hacks that help homes and offices save energy significantly.

Good indoor air quality is a basic right of each. It is indeed sad when children, adults and the elderly find it difficult to breathe freely inside their own homes. The presence of impurities in the air can exacerbate cases of seasonal asthma, already existing bronchitis and chronic allergic rhinitis. Anytime HVAC helps the homes of Atlanta get their share of fresh air throughout the year, without the worries about mold, mildew or dust mites. We help you stay safe and live healthy by taking charge of your HVAC system.

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