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Not All AC Tune-Ups are Created Equal

An AC tune-up is a maintenance service performed on an air conditioning system to ensure its optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity. It involves a thorough inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of various components within your air conditioning unit.

Peachtree City HVAC

A 30-point AC tune-up typically refers to a comprehensive maintenance service performed on an air conditioning system. The “30-point” designation implies that the service involves a thorough inspection and adjustment of 30 key components or areas within the AC system to ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and reliability.

It is important to ask questions on the front end before your HVAC company performs this service.  You want to ensure that they offer a thorough 30-point tune-up so that your system is ready for the summer.

Anytime’s 30-point AC Tune-Up  includes the following: 

1. Replace 1″ standard filter

2. Clean condenser coil

3. Check & straighten condenser coil fins

4. Check and level condensing unit

5. Clean, check & adjust condenser fan

6. Check for excessive vibration

7. Lubricate all moving parts (outside)

8. Check outdoor disconnect

9. Check electrical & service access panels

10. Check all electrical connections

11. Check voltage & amperage at motors

12. Check start capacitor

13. Check run capacitor

14. Check contactor contacts

15. Check safety controls

16. Check compressor valves

17. Check compressor terminals

18. Check crankcase heater

19. Check A/C unit for proper refrigerant charge

20. Check for visual leaks

21. Check & adjust indoor blower

22. Check all belts

23. Check air circulation (no balancing)

24. Lubricate all moving parts (inside)

25. Check & clean condensate drain line or pump

26. Check thermostat calibration

27. Check temperature drop at evaporator coil

28. Check & clean humidifier (close bypass damper)

29. Check final performance

30. Report necessary improvements

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